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Shimano Di2 E-Tube Wire

Shimano Di2 E-Tube Wire
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This is the correct plug-and-play wire for Shimano's E-Tube Di2 electric-shifting systems. It comes in sixteen different lengths, so choose the one(s) that's right for your Di2 E-Tube wiring configuration.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
250mm 689228946200 IEWSD50L25 SHI30487496M
300mm 689228690127 IEWSD50L30 SHI30536382M
350mm 689228828087 IEWSD50L35 SHI30398826M
400mm 689228828094 IEWSD50L40 SHI30144638M
500mm 689228828124 IEWSD50L50 SHI3045803M
550mm 689228828131 IEWSD50L55 SHI30284273M
600mm 689228690141 IEWSD50L60 SHI30554252M
650mm 689228828148 IEWSD50L65 SHI30751420M
700mm 689228690165 IEWSD50L70 SHI30277760M
800mm 689228995680 IEWSD50L80 SHI30512895M
850mm 689228995666 IEWSD50L85 SHI30314938M
950mm 689228828179 IEWSD50L95 SHI30605192M
1000mm 689228690103 IEWSD50L100 SHI31346662M
1200mm 689228834392 IEWSD50L120 SHI31726751M