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Local Rides & Clubs

Explore Our Community By Bike

We love riding our bikes as much as you do! Check out the awesome community rides, events, and cycling clubs that we support. Learn more about the local happenings that interest you, and get involved today!

Bike Rides & Events

Taco Tuesday

Start Location: Santa Fe/Main St.

Date: Every Tuesday (First Tuesday of the month is ladies night with tacos provided by Sierra Bicycle Werks after the ride)

Time: 6:00 PM

Distance: 21 Miles

Pace: B+

Tour of Visalia

Visalia, CA

Type: Road Bike

Distance: 24 mi.

Elevation: 69 ft. +/-

Easy Ride with no elevation, a great way to tour Visalia. A local favorite recovery ride.

Rocky Hill Loop

Visalia, CA to Exeter, CA

Type: Road Bike

Distance: 33 mi.

Elevation: 673 ft. +/-

Starting from Maverick's coffee shop parking lot in Visalia, to Exeter, over Rocky Hill (approx. 500' elevation) to Yokohl Valley, over Meyer's Hill, and back to Visalia.

Exeter to Oak Tree

Exeter, CA

Type: Road Bike

Distance: 26 mi.

Elevation: 1.5k ft. +/-

If you want a little more climbing this is a great ride from Exeter to the "Oak Tree" in Yokohl Valley and back.

Mudroom Loop

Three Rivers, CA

Type: Mountain Bike

Distance: 5.6 mi.

Elevation: 1.2k ft. +/-

Great ride that takes about an hour to complete. A mix of terrain on intermediate trails.

Creek Trail Loop

Three Rivers, CA

Type: Mountain Bike

Distance: 8 mi.

Elevation: 1.9k ft. +/-

Fire road climb with old school single track downhills.

Ride Levels

Below is a brief explanation of local road ride levels. While we encourage people to constantly improve on your level, we know that it is discouraging, even dangerous, to participate in a ride for which you are not adequately prepared. These descriptions are provided to give the rider an idea of what to expect.

On all rides, riders should carry adequate water and food. Ride descriptions may or may not include feeding stops. Bring a bike in good repair, as well as spare tubes and a pump. A helmet is required on all rides.

Level A

These rides take place at a low, social pace — usually not more than 12 – 14 mph. The rides regroup frequently. Paceline riding is not required.

Level B

The ride pace varies, but is generally not faster than 18 mph. The ride regroups frequently, and some paceline riding may occur.

Level C

The ride pace is brisk. These are rides for strong recreational riders. After a period of warming up, the pace often exceeds 20 mph in the flats. The group generally regroups at the top of long climbs. Paceline riding is required.

Level D

The ride pace is fast. The rides are for strong recreational riders and racers. The atmosphere is competitive. If you are looking for love, get yourself a puppy, because you won’t find it on one of these rides. These people eat their young. The group is not obligated to re-group if you are dropped. Paceline riding is required and FAST!

Local Bike Clubs

Southern Sierra Cyclists

The Southern Sierra Cyclists bicycle club serves the Counties of Tulare and Kings, including the cities of Visalia, Tulare, Exeter, Porterville, Hanford, and Lemoore. Come join us at our next bicycle club meeting on the first Thursday of each month. Everyone is welcome, member and non-member alike. Our meetings last about an hour and allow you to find out what kind of cycling events are going on in the South Valley area and meet fellow riders. 

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